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Solar Matic Future Enrgy Solutions
Solarmatic provides property owners a complete turnkey solution to solar power, handling every step of the process to make going solar easy.  In addition to ensuring our customers receive every tax credit, grant and solar renewable energy credit they are entitled to. Solar energy for homes and businesses provides a clean, renewable and sustainable source of energy that helps reduce human dependence on fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions and grid constraints.

Solarmatic believes in playing a key role in this transition process because fossil fuels not only pump tons of poison into our air daily. The sun is the most powerful, reliable energy source we have that will provide energy to the earth for billions of years. Solarmatic is committed to protecting the environment and promoting clean, renewable energy. We focus on providing sustainable energy solutions for homeowners and commercial property owners that include products that are guaranteed to operate efficiently and remain safe for their entire life cycle. We know that homeowners and businesses understand that the price of electricity has been on the rise and it's going to continue to rise. This is why it's hugely important to find alternative ways to produce reliable and clean forms of energy so we can protect ourselves for the future. Combine this with the Feed in Tariff and there hasn't been a better time to invest in your future and Now is the time to act.

What’s the difference between Solarmatic and other solar panel installers?

When choosing to invest in solar panels for your future you may think that by putting as many solar panels on your roof for the cheapest price is the best method for choosing an installer. Think again.

It's about investing in your future and making a good choice for the type of panels you need, where to put them and much more to get the best return out of them. That’s why we're here and why you should choose us! Below are some of reasons why you should choose us.

  • We only use CEC accredited products and CEC Certified local Solar Panel specialists.

  • We offer a free, no obligation quotation with no high pressure sales involved.

  • We Provide Free system health check within the first year of installation.

  • We are a Company with offices and show rooms, so if there is a problem with the system you know where to go to.

  • We pride ourselves on the quality of work done and it's not complete until it's done right.

  • We are a Company with proper licences and insurances. Not an Electrician with an ABN number.

  • Our free consultation will find out your needs and advise you on the best means forward.

  • Comprehensive guarantee for your installation including parts and labour.

  • Locally based with local knowledge.